PooPrints is your Community's Solution to Pet Waste Pollution

Check out the PooPrints Advantage:


  • Keeps your property, dog poop free

  • Offenders rarely offend again

  • Easy to implement

  • Low cost

  • Nearly 100% effective as a deterrent

  • Increase resident retention, new residents

  • Reduce maintenence labor costs

  • Eliminates the need for a costly dog waste removal company

  • Each registered dog receives a unique ID tag

  • Provides undeniable accountability

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Discount dog waste bags
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DNA Pet Waste Management


Stop dog poop in its tracks at your managed community with our DNA Pet Waste Management solution.  See the About DNA Testing tab for further details about the program.

Discounts on our Pet Waste Bags


Our roll bags are affordable, durable, and fit most roll bag refill stations.

Pet Waste Stations


We have commercial grade pet waste stations.  Stations include post, sign, dispenser, and trash can.